About Us

Providing Service to New Mexico communities Since 1974

Company Philosophy

The condition of the health care industry today is such that Customer Service is a priority. Customers expect to be treated with respect and dignity. Our customer is everyone we encounter and make contact with when on an ambulance call, which includes and is not limited to the patient, doctor, nurse, police, rescue, and family.

Since the purchase of Superior Ambulance, under the current ownership and direction of Chris L. Archuleta, Superior Ambulance has grown to now be the largest private ambulance provider in New Mexico. This is not to say it was easy. We underwent some major reorganization changes in the first 2 years of the new ownership. In late 1995 we began to see the rewards of our reorganization efforts.

In April 1999 Superior Ambulance established Superior Medical Transportation as a separate division to operate as a Transportation Management company in an effort to segregate the ambulance operation from transportation management. Now Superior Ambulance is at the point to continue the growth, and build our business to the next level

Today we are the largest provider of Emergency 911 and Non-Emergency ambulance services in New Mexico. Superior Ambulance Service, Inc. provides services to;  Albuquerque-Metro, Grants, Santa Fe, Taos, and Torrance County (east of Albuquerque).

Superior Ambulance Service complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex

Our Mission

The mission of Superior Ambulance Service, Inc. is to provide comprehensive, pre-hospital care and transportation to the community, businesses, medical facilities, and residents of the area we serve, while promoting financial stability and individual growth for our employees.

Quality Improvements and Responsibility

Through direct supervision and peer review, Superior Ambulance Service, Inc. shall assume the leadership role in assuring that high quality, pre-hospital care services are provided and are responsive to the needs of our primary service area.

To emphasize quality improvement activities which will continuously improve the quality of patient care and satisfaction.

To promote total quality management to ensure continuous improvements, respect for individuals, open communication, and team work.

To be a leader in pre-hospital care services.

Employee Growth

To provide an atmosphere which allows employees to grow, both personally and professionally.

To provide an atmosphere in which our staff, through total quality management, has input towards organizational policies and directives.

To maintain a leadership position within the private ambulance industry, in the areas of total compensation and quality of work for our employees.

Customer Service

Superior’s corporate management has dedicated itself to Customer Service, Quality Care, and Competitive Service’s.


Since 1996 Superior has grown over 900%, and was recognized in the May 2001 issue of INC Magazine.


Superior Ambulance Service, Inc. is a New Mexico owned and operated Private Corporation, and has been in business since 1974.

Quality Improvement

Our Quality Improvement Program includes continuous advanced training, annual equipment replacement, and advanced cardiac and respiratory equipment.

Superior’s levels of service include 911 services, Emergency and Non-Emergency Inter-Facility Transfers.