Thank you for everything you did today to remember our friend and coworker, Billy. This was a tremendous loss to our Superior family, and I am thankful that we had such a big turn out today. If you are interested in being involved with making paracord bracelets for the Code Green Campaign, please sign up here. If you have any other ideas, please bring them forward. I want to help put them in motion!

Lastly, remember that grief comes in waves, and can affect you in ways you may not expect it to. Grief can be sneaky. It can feel different from day to day. Don’t let it overcome you. Watch out for yourself, watch out for your friends. Never be afraid to offer your time or ear! We are all in this together. Remember we have LifeWorks (username: theaaa Password: Lifeworks) available to all of us as a resource. You can also contact any member of management for more resources.

Thank you again,


PS- I sent this to as many people as I could find with the mass text, please forward it to anyone else involved!