Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Superior Ambulance advertise for open positions in their different territories?

Superior advertises for vacant positions for all our operations, and is always accepting applications from qualified individuals wanting to join our team.

Are there opportunities for advancement at Superior?

Superior Ambulance, since 2008 has grown to become the largest territorial ambulance provider in New Mexico. With that growth there has been a need for persons within our organization to step into leadership positions, and there has been an increased need to promote individuals to management positions. As Superior continues to grow, so will the need to expand our management team. It’s up to the individual to show their leadership and management capabilities to be promoted to a leader within our organization. Bottom line, you can grow your career with this company.

Do employees float between operations, or are transferred to another territory if needed? What if I only want to work in a specific location?

At the time of submitting your application, you are asked for what area or areas you are applying for. When interviewed you will be interviewed for the territory you’ve applied for, and that’s where you’ll be assigned when hired. After being employed with Superior for 6 months, you may request for a transfer to another territory, and only if there are open positions. Also, employees are not transferred from one territory to another, as we want you to decided what territory you want to work at. Only in emergency situations we may ask you to work in another area, but again only in emergent situations.

When do benefits begin?

In all cases every employee must meet the qualification period to begin to be eligible for company benefits. In most cases you are eligible once your 6 month probation has been completed. With some other programs such as the IRA, you need to have completed one full year of employment.

What shifts do your employees work?

In our Albuquerque operation, due to a higher call volume, EMT’s work 12 and 10 hour shifts. At our other operations EMT’s are assigned to an A-B-C shift rotation. Some of the schedules are designed to be 24/48, and other operations are working a 48/96 rotation. Also, Superior Ambulance follows Federal Wage requirements, and pays overtime after 40 hours worked within a work week.